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Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple, Shirdi Overview

The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple is a religious place in Shirdi, Maharashtra in India, that is dedicated to Shri Sai Baba, who is considered to be one of the greatest saints to have been born in India. Sai Baba is believed to have been blessed with unprecedented powers, and he is worshipped as God incarnate in the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple. This is a must visit holy place for all devotees of Sai Baba who wish to experience what pure tranquillity and bliss feel like, and be closer to the God for a while.

The temple complex is spread over a total area of around 200 square metres and is located in the heart of Shirdi Village. It is a significant centre for devotees from all across the world and is visited by 25,000 devotees on an average each day. On festivals and certain special occasions, the number rises to 1,00,000 devotees per day.

The temple premises was recently renovated in the year 1998 and now is equipped with all modern day and necessary facilities such as Darshan Lane, Prasadalay which serves lunch and dinner, Donation Counters, Prasad Counters, Canteen, Book Stall, Railway Reservation Counter and others. Accommodation facilities are also available for devotees who visit the temple from far off places. What makes Shirdi an important religious place is the fact that it was here that Sai Baba made his appearance as a young boy, and he remained here all through his life, helping people and changing their lives.

Significance of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple

Sai Baba is regarded as a mysterious Fakir who appeared as a young man in Shirdi and spent his entire life in that village. He stated that his mission was to give blessings to all those who seek his help, without any discrimination. It is widely believed that he did indeed transform multiple lives in numerous ways: he cured the sick, saved men’s lives, protected the defenceless, granted offspring to couples, prevented innumerable accidents, brought people into harmony and peace with their inner self as well as with the others, helped in their financial gain, and also helped people to evolve and transform spiritually.

Devotees do not consider this Fakir to be a mere Baba; instead, he is believed to be a God himself, and it is believed that he continues to transform and improve people’s lives even till this date, by helping those who pray and call him in times of emergency. This is why people from all parts of the country visit the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple in large numbers to pay homage to Sai Baba and to experience his promise of never ceasing to help his devotees in need, even from his tomb after his death.

Shani Shingnapur, Shirdi Overview

Shani Shignapur Temple is a Jeet Devasthan (alive temple) in Ahmednagar district, well-known for the magical and powerful Lord Shani, who is believed to reside in a black stone till date. The Hindu God symbolising the planet Saturn is referred to as Swayambhu, which means that he has emerged himself in the form of the black stone that scores lakhs of devotees every year. The trust of people in the lord is so strong that none of the houses in the wondrous village has doors and locks as people believe that Lord Shani is protecting their valuables from thieves.

On some of the holiest days like Saturdays, Amavasya and Shri Shaneshchar Jayanti, the enthusiasm and vehemence rise to the next level. Some Hindus worship Lord Shani to please him as the influence of planet Saturn on anyone’s life is considered as bad luck.

A visit to the Shani Shignaour Temple surely gives hope that your remaining life will be smooth and that Lord Shani will bestow only happiness upon you. With no long queues and waiting period, you can easily get darshan of the divine power.

Samadhi Mandir, Shirdi Overview

Samadhi Mandir is owned and constructed by a millionaire from Nagpur, who was an ardent devotee of Sai baba. The devotee wanted to install an idol of Lord Murlidhar and therefore Sai baba declared himself as one.

The temple is beautifully made up of white marble, railed by eye-catching ornaments amidst two huge pillars.


Gurusthan, Shirdi Overview
Gurusthan is the place where Sai Baba first appeared to the world as a 16 year old boy. The place is situated under a Neem tree. It also has a shrine on which Sai baba’s portrait is placed with a Shivalingam and the Nandi bull right in front of it.

Gurusthan means- the seat of the teacher. Devotees truly believe that lighting incense sticks at this place will cure them of all ailments. This place is located in Kopargaon which is around 14 km from the main town of Shirdi.

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Dwarkamai, Shirdi Overview

Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi for the devotees. They say that Dwarkamai is the heart of Shirdi, the place where the great Sai Baba spent a significant part of his life including his last moments. It is a treasure to all of Baba’s devotees because it was the home of, as they like to call him, God on Earth. People of all faiths look up to the great Sai Baba and truly believe in what he preached. The spirit of tolerance, acceptance and welcome is very much alive here.

This site, at first, was a dilapidated mosque which was covered in knee deep holes and crumbling ruins. Baba is the one that turned it into Dwarkamai and reiterated that God is one. Dwarkamai is probably the only mosque which has a temple in it! One is taken over by Sai Baba’s holy energy and conferred with his blessings as soon as they step into this mosque. The striking and powerful atmosphere of positivity is so calming and tranquil that one can feel their soul being cleansed of all fears, insecurities and negativity. Once you enter Baba’s home, you feel at home. You feel at peace.

What is truly interesting and worth noticing is that people from different faiths and religions come here to pay homage to Sai Baba and do that in their own way as they find comfortable. Some kneel and rest their head on the ground, some pray to the ‘dhuni’ which is the perpetually burning sacred fire and some read their ‘japas’ or read from sacred texts. This reinforces that people have taken to Baba’s teachings and practice the belief that God is one.


Located on Shirdi-manmade state highway, the ashram is 7km away from Shirdi. Managed and maintained by Spiritual Guru Om Gurudev, it is also a co-educational residential school for children.

Anygraha’ a religious program is conducted every Poornima that goes on throughout the night in the presence of Sadguru Janglidas Maharaj.

Chavadi, Shirdi Overview

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During his last years, Sai baba used to spend alternate nights at Chavadi. The place is located near Dwarkamai mosque from where the procession of Sai baba along with his followers was carried out in a palki.

Even today, the procession takes place on every Thursday with the idol of the saint inside the palki. Therefore the place is of great importance to Sai baba’s followers.